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A book with the title Digital Future is never finished and outdated before you are even ready to publish. That is why we, Robin Effing, Menno Both and me decided to create a community where the Digital Future constantly changes. Check out the book to find the most recent changes.

Today we will start with a series of short blogs where we handle the essential trend briefings of THE WIRED WORLD in combination with our thoughts on the Digital Future. This time we will handle the 80:20 rule upside down. In the Digital Future you can find a quote from Bob Simons that one of the first questions to ask when building a strategy is:”Who is your customer?”. Twenty percent of your customers will deliver eighty percent of the profit so therefore we should focus on them.

Maureen McDonnagh is industry head retail at Facebook and turns this upside down in 2019! She says: “Mobile is push, not pull. don’t wait for someone to express interest, create it”. A company like Hello Fresh already has my brother as a customer but now it is aiming at me. There are three key principles:

  1. Stand out
  2. Speed
  3. Visibility