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Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a description of how we want to achieve certain goals with the use and use of online media. That sounds simple, but the formulation of a digital strategy is not that easy in practice, as witnessed by the difficulty that many brands have with the efficient use of online media.

With every strategy, including a digital strategy, it is important to establish a goal and a target group; what do we want to achieve and who do we want to achieve. All activities that we develop depend on this. When we know what we want to achieve (goal) and who we want to reach (target group) we can consider how we are going to do that. What resources do we have and how are we going to use them as effectively (doing the right things) and efficiently (doing the things right) as possible. In the case of a digital strategy, an important question is then which online media channels the target group uses and what types of messages this target group will appeal to.

Questions that are also important when drawing up a strategy are questions regarding budgets and capacities, both internal and external. But also how it is determined whether the strategy works and is successful. Measuring remains know. For a digital strategy, it is about the capacities and competences of employees to contribute to online media activities and the budgets for, for example, advertising and engaging partners. Possible guidelines or policies are also important. And of course the tools to measure the results of the activities.

The word strategy comes from antiquity. It is a combination of the Greek terms “stratos,” which means army, and “agein,” which means lead or lead. The earlier definition of strategy is therefore ‘the clever use of the army to win the war’. Nowadays it simply means: a plan to reach your goal.