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We want a company-wide digital strategy to achieve more unity in all our corporate communications

Willem Jan de Swart – Head of Corporate Marketing

We want a practical digital strategy to increase our brand awareness and to find new customers


Hans van ‘t Veen – DGA Veen Gardenstore


We want a simple digital strategy to promote our latest products via Facebook


Clair Willemsen – Marketingmanager


A digital strategy that works!

In a world that is increasingly connected digitally, organizations are confronted with an extremely competitive environment. You cannot wait until the digital storm is over. You must act today, only some of our current companies will survive in the future. But the future starts today. We contain remarkable examples of digital strategies from Heineken / Desperados, Booking.com/Staying, Wehkamp E-commerce, Randstad / Tempo Team and British Telecom. They show that the future is digital.


We have set up 3 programs for setting up and implementing your digital strategy. You can find them futher down below.

Download het Digital Future e-book

Boek: Digital FutureTo share the knowledge of the best organizations in the digital landscape, we create a knowledge community. This publication is based on scientific contributions and cases from the community partners who have provided best practices. We also introduce the Digital Strategy Canvas, a practical tool for working on the digital future. This tool has been validated by scientific research and has been supported by theories and empirical data. Involve, create and evaluate your own digital strategies!

E-Book: Digital Future

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Our program overview


Do you want a digital strategy so that all of your divisions communicate your corporate values uniformly? Or do you want a digital strategy to optimally reach and inform your shareholders? Or show thought leadership and be an attractive employer for all talents? Then our corporate program “Unify your Strategy” is for you!


More about our UNIFFY program >>


Do you want a digital strategy to promote your new services or new products? Or a strategy to increase your brand awareness through online media? Or do you have other needs where online media can play a role? Then our Canvas Program “Improve your strategy” is definitely suitable for your organization.


More about our IMPROVE program >>


You want to set up a digital strategy for your organization yourself. Then our “Hands on Strategy” program is suitable for you. This program has been specially developed for SMEs and self-employed professionals to set up a practical and targeted digital strategy, whereby the participants can implement it themselves in their own organization.


More about our Hands on program >>

Digital Strategy Canvas model

The 3E-digital strategy canvas model (Enable, Engage & Evaluate), for the quick and systematic preparation and / or revision of a digital strategy.


  • Enable: prepare and set up social campaigns and activities
  • Engage: requesting and receiving attention from the target groups and interacting with them
  • Evaluate: evaluate data and statistics against the goals set

The most common digital ambitions

The most frequently mentioned digital ambitions of different organizations are:

We want to get international attention with online media
We want to advertise for our company on online media
We want to generate leads via online media
We want to broaden our ideas with online media
We want to be “top of mind” with our customers

Share your online media ambitions with us and we will tell you how you can achieve them!