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“Met behulp van het Corporate Canvas Programma ‘Unify your strategy’ hebben we eenheid in al onze uitingen gekregen!”

Online Media ‘Unify your Strategy’ Program

Do you want all your divisions to express your corporate values ​​uniformly? Or do you want to promote your long-term vision? Or exhibit thought leadership? Then our corporate program “Unify your Strategy” is definitely suitable for your organization. The aim of this program is to ensure, together with our client, that:

  • there is a clear online media policy for all marketing professionals
  • there is a clear picture of the various stakeholders and their online media policy
  • people know what is and isn’t being done on online media
  • the corporate online media policy reaches the press and shareholders

Target group: corporate organizations that want more unity in their digital strategy.

1. Inventory

The inventory consists of a number of components:

  • Status of current online media activities
  • Set goals
  • Selected target group (s)
  • Channels and their use
  • Deployment from the organization (= which activities)
  • Advertising (channels, budgets, reach, tools)
  • Existing protocols, agreements and documentation with regard to online media
  • Quantitative zero measurement (followers, IPM scores, range)

2. Digital Strategy Canvas session

Session for determining the strategy based on existing or new goals and target groups. The starting point is the 3E Digital Strategy Canvas. With a team of stakeholders from the client, all aspects of the Digital Strategy Canvas are discussed and completed in approximately one day,
Note: If there are no personas (or cannot be used), they will be made with those present at the start of the Digital Strategy Canvas session.

3. Online media strategy

After the strategy session, the results are worked out and presented in a practically usable canvas that serves as a guide for the online media activities for all involved

4. Monthly progress

During 6 months after the Digital Strategy Canvas session, we discuss and monitor the progress of the digital strategy with the client on a monthly basis. We give the customer hands-on advice on how to better adjust the strategy.


Both Social helpdesk is available during the entire program to support and solve practical problems.

Kosten en looptijd

Duration of the program: 6 months
Location: in consultation
Program leaders: Canvas Guru and Canvas Master of Both Social
Costs: in consultation


Do you recognize yourself in this?

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the statements below?

  • We want to promote new products and services with online media
  • We want to increase our brand awareness with online media
  • We want to advertise for our company on online media
  • We want to recruit new employees with online media
  • We want more results on online media
  • We want to do more with online media, but do not know how
  • We want to add more structure to our online media activities
  • We want to generate leads via online media
  • We want to be ‘top of mind’ with our customers
  • We want to recruit new clients

Then our ‘Hands on Strategy’ program will certainly help you further. Contact us now! 



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